Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food and Dress in Nepal

Following our stomachs, Team Nepal ventured to Sitar Indian Cuisine off of West End in Nashville, TN to get a better idea of Nepalese culture and the influences that India has on their food and dress. We highly recommend going there for yourselves!

Food in Nepal

So Lauren first...then Allie....then Taylor! (Caroline was ill).

Daura-Suruwal is the traditional Nepali dress. The dress has several religious beliefs identifying its designed, and has therefore remained the same for year. For example, the Daura has 8 strings that tie it up around the body—8 is the luck number in Nepali mythology. Also, the closed neck of the Daura signifies the snake around the Hindu Lord Shiva’s neck. 
Interested boys? Get your own Daura-Suruwal HERE!

The Nepali dress for women is the sari which is also fashionable in India and Sri Lanka.

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